Each 17 square meter POD is manufactured off-site to spec and can be delivered with all finishes and services installed. Once installed on-site it is connected to electrical and plumbing services or can be set up for off-the-grid operation. This means no hidden hosts and no messy building. It also means that the structure can be moved to another site in the future.


Where can I see a POD?
The POD is being set up at a beautiful location close to Johannesburg where it can be visited by appointment. Check back for updates shortly.

What does it cost?
With the first prototype completed the POD team are reviewing the costs and will be publishing more information as it becomes available.

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What is the footprint of one module?
Net internal area including deck 20.52 square meters / Net internal area including deck 221 square feet

What is a total area including the mezzanine?
Net internal area 17.28 square meters + deck 9 square meters / Net internal area 186 square feet + deck 96 square feet

Are there different size options? 
Yes, by coupling various PODs in a few configurations. Each POD is a standard size. Examples of these configurations will be available online shortly.

Is it available as a flat-pack system?
This is currently under development. Check back in a couple of months.

Can it be delivered fully assembled?
Yes, but transportation and craning costs will be added to advertised prices.

Where are the units manufactured?
At the moment in Johannesburg, South Africa

Is there one POD shape with different internal configurations?
Yes, examples of these configurations will be available online shortly.

What materials are used for construction?
Standard drywall construction materials: steel, aluminium, wood.


Can I buy the furniture separately?
Yes, the furniture is designed especially for the POD and can be installed at any time.

Can I use any furniture or do I have to buy the furniture that was designed especially for the POD?
Any furniture can be used inside the POD. It is important to note that the furnishing and storage systems for the POD were designed specifically for it’s proportions with an emphasis on functional use of space. 


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Where can I put a POD?
The POD is designed as a lightweight structure for placing anywhere where there is 24 square meters of open land. It can be installed on a minimal free space around existing buildings as an on-grid POD; connected to existing services. Alternatively as a stand-alone abode in the bush, it will be set up to be an off-grid POD.  

Since it is not a permanent structure a POD could be installed on a site where the land is rented offering a synergy between a land-owner and a POD-owner: the land-owner agrees to the land-use, receiving rental from it without any further investment; and the POD-owner brings in his asset investment.

  • It could be erected in a suburban house backyard or side-space, for rental to a student or professional couple. 
  • At a newly-purchased holiday site to enjoy while waiting for the main house to be built and enjoy it as additional accommodation afterward.
  • Put it in a site that is fairly remote and has difficult access.
  • Install villages of them on land purchased land that is subject to a 2-5 years delay in gaining new development rights.

Does the POD need foundations?
The POD would only need small footings to help distribute the load of the POD on the specific soil type. The POD might also have to be anchored with earth-anchors. A specialist from the POD team would recommend these founding bases.

Do I need approval from Council before installing a POD on my property?
Yes, in South Africa it requires approval, but as a temporary structure the approval process is much simpler compared to a permanent structure.

Can the POD be shipped to locations outside of South Africa? 
The POD has been designed under basic principles of sustainability; that is, it should be produced with local material for thermal comfort in a local climate. Shipping is not recommended. 

Can I tow my POD behind my car like a motor home?
No, a POD is designed to be transported by a professional installation team, and installed on site.